Yosuke Yamashita interview on radio in Osaka(5)

Yosuke Yamashita co-starred with legend Cecil Taylor who he was a longing.

They talked together about music four hours in Cecil’s home in NYC.

Next day finally Yosuke Yamashita could play piano.

There was a musical score written in an alphabet.


In September 2006, at the home of Cecil Taylor

He had began playing piano and Cecil Taylor sat next to him.

So he played a duet without his noticing it.

Then they had meeting several times for Cecil’s Japan concert.

In 2007 January,they held duo concert at Tokyo Opera City Hall in Japan.


He enthused about their rehearsal on that occasion on a radio broadcast.

Their duo concert was scheduled to be 45 minutes.

They did a rehearsal about 90 minutes.

He had good enough at that rehearsal,but Cecil Taylor was not satisfied.

After a toilet break they also did a rehearsal about 90 minutes.

Eventually duo concert time had ended in 43 minutes.

Encore was played in just two minutes.

He said that it was most difficult to end in free jazz improvisation.

He is a lecture theme of the university for two minutes of Encore.

Now he lectures a class of Kunitachi College of Music about “Encore of two minutes”.

He wrote an article for The Nihon Keizai Shinbun about Cecil Taylor.


2008年日本経済新聞夕刊文化欄 “Japanese newspaper”

This is Yosuke Yamashita plays Greensleeves



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