Claude Lelouch and Francis Lai(1)


Photo above of Claude Lelouch by Official site of the concert


September 20, I will go to a concert performed by the Osaka Festival Hall.

“Claude Lelouch en Musique!”

When I was a junior high school students, France cinema work had been a big hit in Japan.

The French film “A Man and a Woman” was directed by Claude Lelouch in October 1966.

This year is the 50th anniversary.

This concert will be held as a special commemoration in Japan.

Each movie were re-edited from some famous scene.

As a result it will be screened as a new cinema work.

Their scenes will be resurrected by live music of orchestra.

The main movie is the following,and they have described Japanese title.

男と女 (1966)                        Un homme et une femme
パリのめぐり逢い(1967)     Vivre pour Vivre
白い恋人たち(1968)             13 Jours en France
あの愛をふたたび(1969)     Un homme qui me plaît
愛と哀しみのボレロ(1981)  Les Uns et les Autres

and 17 other works.






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