The legend manager,Martha Glaser and Helen Keane(1)



I was interested in two unreleased recordings that have been recently excavated.

First,Erroll Garner : “The Complete Concert by the Sea”.

Second,Bill Evans :  “Some Other Time: The Lost Session from The Black Forest”.

This week I want to post about Martha Glaser who was the manager of Erroll Garner.


Photo above, Martha Glaser and Erroll Garner in 1960

Recently, I found her terrific footprints in the archive of Pittsburgh University.Go here

I have referred to some documents in archive.

She was born February 15, 1921 in Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

After graduating from high School in Detroit,she became a citizen activist in Chicago.

Photo of Norman Granz

Photo of Norman Granz

In those days she met Norman Granz who was an advocate for the civil rights movement.

So she organized Jazz concerts working first as part of the civil rights movement.

In 1948 she created her own music management company and settled permanently in New York City.

This is Erroll Garner Plays “Laura”.


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