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October 08, 2016


The partnership of Frank Sinatra and Gordon Jenkins was most famous.

Gordon Jenkins won a Grammy Award in 1965 for his arrangement of Sinatra’s “It Was a Very Good Year.” Go here 

But before Jenkins became Sinatra’s arranger, he worked closely with Dick Haymes on Decca Records for much of the 1940s.

Photo of Gordon Jenkins

Photo: Gordon Jenkins

In those days Jenkins was musical director for Decca records.

In the early fifties Jenkins gave an opportunity to perform on many big sellers such as “Little White Lies” by Dick Haymes.

Their work “Little White Lies” was a million seller in 1949.

I had posted about Gordon Jenkins.Go here and here.

Here is Dick Haymes sings “Little White Lies.”

Here is Frank Sinatra sings “It Was A Very Good Year” conducting by Gordon  Jenkins.



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