Dick Haymes(4)

October 09, 2016


In World War II, Dick Haymes came under heavy criticism when he claimed exemption from the draft as a citizen of Argentina.

Then the U.S. Immigration Service sought to deport him.

Because he had claimed draft exemption and left the United States without permission.

He fought against the deportation for two years and finally won and became a U.S. citizen.


In 1961, he left the United States.

He then performed in England, Australia and South Africa and did not return to this country until the 1970s.

Also he experienced serious financial problems later in life.

Dick Haymes died On March 28, 1980 in Los Angeles.

Please refer to this website about Dick Haymes.Go here

In addition I found a terrffic article about him.Go here

Here is Dick Haymes sings “Isn’t This a Lovely Day?”

Here is Dick Haymes sings “Laura” with Victor Young Orchestra.



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