Sir Charles Thompson and Jeremy Steig(2)

October 12, 2016


Photo from Jazz Lives –

In 1939 Thompson had been recruited by Lionel Hampton who was launching his first  big band.

Then he joined Lester Young’s band at Café Society in New York in 1942.

At that time he was nicknamed “Sir” by “Prez”.


He was playing on 52nd Street in all-star groups as freelance.

In those days he recorded a famous session in 1945 with Parker and Gordon.

He travelled back to Los Angeles in 1945 with Coleman Hawkins and recorded on Capital labels.

Unlike clearly the swing jazz style,their recordings were a great performance with a modern jazz style.


In 1953 John Hammond began to produce the Jazz Showcase series in Vanguard labels.

John Hammond adopted trombonist Vic Dickenson and the cornetist Ruby Braff and Thompson and others on recording.

“Vic Dickenson Showcase “ was most famous recording.

When I was jazz beginner I learned his name “Sir Charles Thompson” at this record.

Here is Coleman Hawkins plays “It’s The Talk Of The Town (March 9, 1945)”.

Here is COLEMAN HAWKING 1964 with Sir Charles Thompson by JAZZ625,BBC

I found a edited video of Vic Dickenson Septet .




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