Sir Charles Thompson and Jeremy Steig(3)

October 13, 2016

Photo from

“Robbins Nest” is Thompson’s own compositions.

It was recorded first in 1947 by Thompson with Illinois Jacquet’s band.

Then it had subsequently appeared on records by Basie, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.

Eventually he married to Japanese wife Makiko Thompson in 1992 in Japan.

He had lived in Matsudo City in Chiba Prefecture.

Photo of Yoshio Toyama in New Orleans Satchmo Summer Fest 2010

Photo of Yoshio Toyama in New Orleans Satchmo Summer Fest 2010

In Japan, he made recording with Yoshio and Keiko Toyama in late 1990s.

About Yoshio and Keiko Toyama, please refer to their website. GO here

Fortunately his performance in Japan has been left in the video.

Funeral was held in Tokyo, Japan, Higashi Kurume, by his wife Makiko Thompson and family and friends on June 21st.

I’ve read an impressive article about his death by Adam Bernstein.

I quoted from The Washington Post( June 20).

Mr.Toyama said:“Before he went back to the hospital for the last time, although he was very weak, he insisted he play piano for his wife Makiko, saying, ‘This is for you, for this might be the last chance.’ He played for an hour, with much feeling in his playing.”

Here is “Robbins’ Nest” from Buck Clayton’s Jam Session.

Here is Sir Charles Thompson plays “Russian lullaby” 2012,Dec. 23 in Tokyo.

At that time he was 94 years old. With The band Yoshio Toyama’s Dixie Saints.


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