Sir Charles Thompson and Jeremy Steig(6)

October 16, 2016


“F” label was established by Osateru Fujii in Kasahara-cho in Gifu prefecture in Japan.

This label was using an Internet mail order system as a main sales method.

However the independent label has produced all good charming jazz.

”What’s New at F” by Eddie Gomez and Jeremy Steig was the representative work.

Eddie Gomez (b) 、Jeremy Steig (fl) 、Jimmy Cobb (ds) 、Stefan Karlsson (p)

Recorded 2001.4.14

Unfortunately the website of label has been closed now.

I could not find a clip of ‘What’s New at F’ on YouTube.

So I want introduce Eddie Gomez Quartet “Dedication”.Go here


Photo of Jeremy Steig

Finally, I will introduce his HP.GO here

Here is Eddie Gomez Quartet play “On Green Dolphin Street”.

Here is Eddie Gomez Quartet play “Nardis”.



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