Jimmy Heath(4)

October 27, 2016


Today I will post his activities after getting out of prison.

In 1959 he was paroled.

Until then Heath had joined as a sideman, including sides with Gillespie, Miles, J. J. Johnson and Kenny Dorham.

But he had not recorded an album under his own name.


Jimmy Heath and Orrin Keepnews [Photo from Jazztimes]

Jimmy Heath was contracted with Orrin Keepnews through Kenny Dorham ‘s help.

In September 1959 Orrin Keepnews produced his debut album “The Thumper”.

Then he had recording with Freddie Hubbard, Wynton Kelly, and other top players at that time in Riverside label.

He made the six albums as a leader for the label between 1959 and 1964.

Orrin Keepnews said about Jimmy Heath.

I quoted “Orrinology” from Jazztimes[March 2005].

“I’ve known Jimmy Heath since 1960. Kenny Dorham told me that Little Bird was coming to New York and I had to sign him! He wasn’t asking me, he was telling me. It turned out that Jimmy, whose reputation back then was that he was a damn good writer, had the ability to write quick charts for small groups. I put him right up there in this ability with Benny Golson.”

Here is Jimmy Heath Sextet play “For Minors Only”.

Here is Jimmy Heath and his big band play “Big ”P’’”.

Here is Jimmy Heath sextet play ” When Sunny Gets Blue ”

Here is Jimmy Heath sextet play “Gemini”.

Here is Jimmy Heath and Herbie Hancock with Brass play “Wall to Wall”.

Here is Jimmy Heath quintet play “Gingerbread Boy”.



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