Jazz and Hiroshima(4)

November 05.2016


Today I will post about my junior who lives in Hiroshima.

His name is Masaki Hayakawa(早川公規),so-called “VENTO AZUL RECORDS”.

His enthusiasm for jazz is terrific.

Also he has an extraordinarily ability for “the Blindfold test” at Jazz records.

I have always defeated to him in this test.


After he graduated from university,he became a salaried employee

A few years later he had been restructuring his company.

Fortunately he had been continued with jazz blog while working for a company.

So he decided to business and launched an internet company at his home in Hiroshima.



You can read all articles from July 2004 on his website.

However his article is written by the Japanese language.

Number of access to his website in total is approaching 2 million.Go here



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