Gene Norman(5)

November 11, 2016


Photo from Hollywood Historic Photos

Gene Norman sold his nightclub “Crescendo” in 1963.

There was the famous jazz club “Interlude” that was downstairs from the Crescendo.

Then he concentrated on the record label.

Also GNP has also been known for releasing television and motion picture soundtracks.

Gene Norman’s son Neil Norman secured a licensing deal from Paramount to release soundtracks of Star Trek.

Star Trek

The “Star Trek” deal was the beginning of massive catalog business for GNP Crescendo in soundtrack sales.

Neil Norman is also a musician who has released many albums on GNP.

I want to introduce the masterpieces collection by Gene Norman recordings.

Here is Buddy DeFranco plays “Star Eyes” by Gene Norman Presents series.

Here is Buddy DeFranco plays “Stella By Starlight” by Gene Norman Presents series.


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