Jazz violinist(1)

November 15. 2016


Photo of Aska Kaneko

Recently I enjoyed a terrific violin performance.

I heard for the first time Aska Kaneko who is Japanese violinist at Arcadia Grace Hall in Ashiya City in Hyogo.

Please refer to Aska Kaneko “金子飛鳥”.Go here

So I tried to find out about the jazz violinist.

This week I want to post about a few jazz violinists.

First I must write about Stephane Grappelli.

Stephane Grappelli was born in Paris in 1908.

In those days his family was very poor.

When he was 4 his mother died and he spent time in orphanages and boarding schools.

Then he was largely self-taught as a musician.

He began learning to play piano in cafes and cabarets.

The club owners let him practice on their house pianos during off hours.

When he was 13, his father bought him a secondhand violin.


Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli

Consequently he earned money playing the popular music of the day on the streets of Paris and Montmartre.

In 1934, Grappelli met a young gypsy guitarist named Django Reinhardt.

Here is Aska Kaneko with Gaia Cuatro play “Gaia” by live from their 2006 Japan Tour.

Here is Aska Kaneko and Kazumi Watanabe(Resonance Vox) play “Peking Doll” (1991).

Here is Stephane Grappelli plays “Someone to Watch Over Me”.



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