Jazz violinist(3) 〜Stephane Grappelli

November 17. 2016


Reinhardt and Grappelli played together up until the outbreak of World War 2.

At the outbreak of war they were performing in London.

Grappelli decided to reside in London while Reinhardt returned to France.


Photo of George Shearing

Grappelli soon formed a group with a young pianist named George Shearing, with whom he worked around England during and after the war.

He tried to re-form the Hot Club after the war.

Reinhardt and Grappelli were reunited in 1945, but by this time Reinhardt’s musical direction was changing.

Because Reinhardt played more use of electric guitar and more of a bebop sensibility.

Unfortuntely the quintette was never really re-established.

Then his music activity had been gradually declined.


Source: http://www.rirocks.net License: All Rights Reserved.

In 1969 Grappelli marked by his American debut at the Newport Jazz Festival.

He appeared as World’s Greatest Jazz Band with Maxine Sullivan July.5(Saturday 2:00PM).

He also worked with several classical masters.

As an event worthy of special mention, he played with violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin in 1971.

In fact their performance was a huge success with the public, and lead to a series of further appearances and six albums.

Here is Yehudi Menuhin & Stephane Grappelli play “Crazy Rhythm”.

Here is Stephane Grappelli and Yehudi Menuhin play “Jalousi”.

Here is Stéphane Grappelli, Yehudi Menuhin & Oscar Peterson Trio 1978







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