Jazz violinist(6)〜Eddie South


Photo of Eddie South

November 21. 2016

Eddie South was born November 27, 1904 in Louisiana, Missouri.

He was nicknamed the “Dark Angel of the Violin” in the United States.

He was an African-American jazz violinist and studied at the Chicago College of Music.

At the time, classical violin positions were not open to Black violinists in the 1920s, so he switched to jazz.

He started his career playing in vaudeville and jazz orchestras with Freddie Keppard.

When he visited to Europe in the 1920s he was influenced by gypsy’s performance in Hungary and established his own style.

In 1937 he revisited to Paris and performed and recorded with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.

He had an accurate pitch and graceful performance because he was educated classical music.

Also he played distinctive melancholy sounds and mellow phrases because he was influenced by gypsy music.

In addition his playing style had a strong attack and a firm touch.

Eddie South died on Apr. 25, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois.

Here is Eddie South & Stephane Grappelli play “Dinah”. (1937)

Here is Eddie South plays “Fiddle Blues”.

Here is Eddie South plays “Black Gypsy”.

Here is Eddie South plays “Oh, lady be good”.

Here is Eddie South, plays “Snowfall”.

Eddie South recorded with flute player Mark Simpton.

Here is they play “Music For The Birds”.



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