Jazz violinist(7) 〜Stuff Smith

November 22. 2016


Photo of Stuff Smith by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Stuff Smith was born August 14, 1909 in Portsmouth, Ohio.

In the 1920s he played in Texas and after moving to New York City he performed regularly with his sextet at the Onyx Club starting in 1935.

You’se a Viper“, and sometimes titled “If You’se a Viper“) is a jazz song composed by Stuff Smith.

He had took priority to thoroughly swing feel.

His playing style was to push the bow against the string and give out a sound.

Also, his attack was strong like the wind instruments and had the thick timbre.

In addition his pizzicato had a characteristic during his solo performance.

He is credited as being the first violinist to use electric amplification techniques on a violin.




He played with Dizzy Gillespie and JATP and Nat king Cole and Oscar Peterson and others.

Also it is interesting to play with Sun Ra.

Stuff Smith moved to Copenhagen in 1965, performed actively in Europe, and died September 25 1967 in Munich.

Stuff Smithは1909年8月14日、オハイオ州ポーツマスで生まれました。
1935年に有名なthe Onyx Clubで定期的に演奏していました。
Dizzy Gillespieと共演し、JATPにも参加しました。
Nat King ColeやOscar Petersonとも共演しています。
前衛ジャズのSun Raとの共演は興味深いです。
Stuff Smithは1965年にコペンハーゲンに移り活動の拠点をヨーロッパに移しました。

Here is Stuff Smit and Ella & JATP play “It don’t mean a thing” (1958).

Here is Stuff Smith Quartet play “Bugle Call Blues” (Live 1965).

Stuff Smith (violin), Kenny Drew (p); Alex Riel(ds),Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen(b)

Here is Stuff Smith and Sun Ra.



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