Jazz violinist(8)〜Jean-Luc Ponty

November 23. 2016


Jean-Luc Ponty’s accomplishments was evaluated one of key ambassadors of the violin.

He was born 29 September 1942 in Avranches, France.

When he was sixteen, he was admitted to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

After graduating two years later he was immediately hired by the major symphony orchestras Lamoureux.

One night after an orchestra concert he decided to become a jazz fiddler at local club.


Photo of his first album “Jazz Long Playing”

Then his notoriety grew by leaps and he released his debut solo album for Philips in 1964,”Jazz Long Playing”.

In 1966 he joined Violin Summit.

He played live in Basel, Switzerland on stage with such notable string players as Svend Asmussen, Stéphane Grappelli and Stuff Smith.


Photo of Frank Zappa and Jean-Luc Ponty

In 1969 Frank Zappa composed the music for Jean-Luc’s solo album King Kong.

Frank Zappa wanted him to join their tour.

So he emigrated with his wife and two young daughters to the United States.

In 2011, he was invited by Chick Corea to join the group Return to ForeverIV’.


He had first recorded with Corea on his 1976 solo album My Spanish Heart.

Along with Stephane Grappeli, he is considered to be the most outstanding and influential person as an European jazz violinist.

Here is Jean-Luc Ponty plays “Autumn Leaves”.

Here is David Sanborn & Jean-Luc Ponty play “Ruby My Dear” (Live on Night Music 1989).

Here is Jean-Luc Ponty plays “Mirage” live at Montreal Jazz Festival(1982)

Here is Frank Zappa and Jean-Luc Ponty live at Australia(1973)



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