Benny Golson in Osaka(1)

November 28. 2016


Photo above, from left, Benny Golson,vocalist Miki Yamaoka, pianist Souichi Noriki,drummer Rikiya Higashihara,bassist Yoshihiro Tokiyasu at the RUG TIME OSAKA(Photo from Miki Yamaoka Facebook)

Yesterday I went to the terrific concert in Osaka.

Benny Golson visited to Japan for 35th anniversary concert of Japanese jazz singer Miki Yamaoka.

He came to Japan alone without his attendant.


Today I will post their ending tune  ”Blues March”.

The song is the composer’s acknowledgement of the early marching bands of New Orleans.

Benny Golson saluted the audience at the beginning and end of the song.

Also the drummer Rikiya Higashihara(東原力哉) was great.

It was wonderful to hear ”Blues March” by Higashihara’s drumming.


Photo from Rikiya Higashihara Website

Here is Benny Golson & Lee Morgan play “Blues March”(1958)



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