Benny Golson in Osaka(2)

November 29. 2016


Photo of Miki Yamaoka and Benny Golson

Today I want to introduce about Miki Yamaoka’s work with Benny Golson.

In 1997 she recorded for the first time in NY.

Fortunately she had recorded “I Remember Clliford ” with Tommy Flanagan and Benny Golson.


That started a firm friendship between Miki Yamaoka and Benny Golson.

Then Benny Golson has cooperated to her as producer and music director and player.

Last week Benny Golson arrived to Narita airport.

He visited to play for 35th anniversary concert of Miki Yamaoka.

You can listen to “Love” at her website.Go here


About ‘One Day,Forever’,please refer to below website.

Go here.

Here is 「Dear Friends」recorded on March 9,2007 in N.Y.C.

Here is “MIKI YAMAOKA & BENNY GOLSON / 山岡未樹&ベニー・ゴルソン”


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