The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop(3)

December 07. 2016


Photo above of Hal McKusick(photo from

“The Jazz Workshop (RCA Victor LPM-1366)” について、大阪梅田の兎我野町にあったジャズ喫茶「JOJO」のマスターが連載されているブログの一部を引用します。日本のブログで私が最も参考にしているブログです。

original-jazzville/jojoのブログ Go here


A面1曲目”Tommy Hawk” アレンジはジョニー・マンデル。これに先立つ、1954年9月に録音されている、Chet Baker “Sextet” Pasific Jazz で、同じアレンジが使用されていた。
A面3曲目”Blues For Pablo”は、1957年5月のMiles Davis “Miles Ahead” で再演されておりマキュージック盤が前哨戦かの様だ。

Hal McKusick was born in Medford Massachusetts, June 1924.

He became a saxophone player in several big bands in the 1940s and and early 1950s in bands like Boyd Raeburn, Claude Thornhill and Elliot Lawrence.

Also his close colleagues were George Russell, Art Farmer, Bill Evans and Jimmy Guiffre.

In 1955 he formed his own quartet, featuring himself on the alto saxophone, Barry Galbraith on guitar, Milt Hinton on bass and Osie Johnson on drums.

He recorded four albums at his own quartet.


(1)Hal McKusick Quartet (Bethlehem BCP-16 Feb.17,1955)

(2)In A Twentieth-Century Drawing Room (RCA Victor LPM-1164 Sep.13/14/29, 1955)

(3)The Jazz Workshop (RCA Victor LPM-1366 March 3,April 3/4,Dec.31,1956)

(4)Jazz On The Academy(Coral CRL-57116 Nov. 3, 1956)

These recordings were important because he experimented with a quartet without a piano.

Their sound was like Gerry Mulligan’s pianoless quartet.

In addition he adopted a proficient arrangers like Manny Albam or Al Cohn.

About his achievement I recomend reading JazzWax’s terrific intervew. Go here

Here is Hal McKusick Octet play “Tommyhawk”

Here is Chet Baker Sextet play “Tommyhawk”.

Here is Hal McKusick  plays “Blues for Pablo”.

Here is Miles with Gil Evance play “Blues For Pablo”.


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