The legendary bassist Jimmy Blanton(1)

December 12. 2016


Photo above of Jimmy Blanton

Yesterday I took part in a regular meeting of  the Osaka jazz-lovers’ club at jazz cafe “DEARLORD”.

Mr.Nose who is an experienced jazz fun explained “Jazz in the 1940s” of this monthly theme.

He introduced my favorite record “Johnny Hodges / Rex Stewart – Things Ain’t What They Used To Be”,RCA Victor Vintage Series “LPV-533.


He selected four pieces of music from among this record,”Squaty Roo”,”Day Dream”,”Linger Awhile”“Mobile Bay”.

Jimmy Blanton accompanied on all four tunes.

Also I introduced  a legendary recording by Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton.


I selected two pieces of music from among “Transition Years” by CBS SONY,“Blues”,“Plucked Again”.

Jimmy Blanton’s superb performance I’ve heard for a long time.

So this week I want to post his great achievement.

Here is Johnny Hodges plays “Squatty roo”

Here is Johnny Hodges plays “Day dream”.

Here is Rex Stewart plays “Linger Awhile”.

大阪放出駅前にあるジャズ喫茶「DEARLORD」で開催された大阪ジャズ同好会に参加しました。今回の特集テーマは野瀬氏解説による「1940年代のジャズ」でした。野瀬氏が紹介したレコード「Johnny Hodges / Rex Stewart」のベーシストであったジミー・ブラントンは伝説のジャズメンです。今週はジミー・ブラントンの歴史的録音について投稿したいと思います。

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