The legendary bassist Jimmy Blanton(2)

December 13. 2016


I will post about on the encounter between Jimmy Blanton and Duke Ellington.

I referred to “The Duke – Where and When”.

Jimmy Blanton was born  October 5, 1918 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He originally learned to play the violin, but took up the bass while at Tennessee State University.

In 1939 he was working in Fate Marable’s band in St.Louis.


Photo above of the Coronado Hotel(by Landmarks Association of St. Louis)

Fortunately he met Duke Ellington at  the session by chance.

Duke Ellington and his members were playing the Coronado Hotel in St.Louis.

He had playing with the band during Club Caprice between October 21 and November 2 in those days.


St. Louis Coronado Hotel Club Caprice Postcard from

Duke Ellington and members bands were playing the Coronado Hotel in St.Louis.

Naturally Duke went back to the hotel to sleep, and all the musicians went to an after-hours session.

After the gig one night, Billy Strayhorn and Ben Webster and other members landed up in a hot spot. They jammed with a young bass player – Jimmy Blanton.

At once they went back and woke up Duke Ellington, and brought him to the session.

Duke decided to hire Jimmy on the spot.

He sent a telegram to his mother, time stamped 11:23 p.m. November 2,telling her he was leaving [St. Louis] next morning to join Duke Ellington’s band.


1939年、St.LouisのCoronado Hotelで公演していたDuke Ellingtonと偶然出会うことになった。10月21日から11月2日まで、彼は「クラブカプリス」のバンドで演奏していました。バンドのメンバーは地元のジャズメンが演奏している「クラブカプリス」に行きました。そして、その場で演奏している若いベースプレイヤーにびっくりしました。彼らはすぐにホテルで眠っているDuke Ellingtonを起こし、親分を連れ出しました。Dukeは迷うことなく(ベースが二人になることを承知で)、その場でJimmy Blantonを雇うことを決定しました。

Here is Duke Ellington & His Orchestra with Jimmy Blanton play “In A Mellow Tone”.


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