The legendary bassist Jimmy Blanton(4)

December 16. 2016

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Duke EllingtonとJimmy Blantonの歴史的な録音は6曲が残されています。



Today I want to post about a historical duo recording of Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton.

Jimmy Blanton had developed a new bass technique of playing lines that sounded more like a horn.

He played the greatest performance with Duke Ellington at duo recording.

Also he showed his musical identity and superb skill to the full.

They had recorded only six tunes at duo in RCA and Colombia Records.

RCA Victor Records
“Mr.J.B.Blues”,”Body And Soul”,”Pitter Panther Patter”,”Sophisticated Lady”.

CBS Colombia Records
“Plucked Again”,”Blues”.

Recently I found their historical recordings in “Internet Archive”.

Duke Ellington The Jimmy Blanton Era (1939-1941). Go here

In addition Even Japan we can hear their duo recordings in a free Spotify jukebox .(including another takes)

Here is Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton play “Mr.J.B.Blues”.

Here is Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton play “Pitter Panther Patter”.

Here is Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton play “Plucked Again”.


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