The legendary bassist Jimmy Blanton(5)

December 17. 2016


While on tour with the Duke Ellington Orchestra in late 1941, Blanton became seriously ill.

Unfortunately he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

In 1943 he moved to receive medical treatment Duarte Sanitarium, near Los Angeles.

He had no family there.

Jimmy Blanton passed away in Monrovia, California on July 30, 1942.

If he had not passed away in 1942, most musicians suppose that Blanton would have been at the forefront of the bebop movement.

I found an  invaluable photograph from a collected papers of Journal of Jazz Studies.


Journal of Jazz Studies (Winter 2014-2015) Of Icons and Iconography: Seeing Jimmie Blanton Matthias Heyman Blanton and Johnny Hodges, (photograph by Otto Hess, original appeared in Metronome, January 1941.Every effort has been made to identify and acknowledge the rightful owner of this photograph).

Here is Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra play “Jack The Bear”.

Ray Brown played the duo recordings such as reminiscent of Duke’s work with Jimmy Blanton three decades before.

Here is Duke Ellington and Ray Brown play “TRIBUTE TO JIMMY BLANTON ´72”.


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