Adrian Rollini(1)

December 21. 2016


上の写真は、最近購入したレコードです。40年以上前に 「Aspect in Jazz(油井正一解説)」でAdrian Rollini の名前を初めて聞きました。その日のテーマは「第17回スイング以前の白人コンボ」でした。最近、彼の名前を聞きません。

Recently I purchased an interesting record.

“Adrian Rollini his Quintet,his Trio featuring Bobby Hackett”(TAX m-8036)

I had heard first his name by radio program(FM大阪) over 40 years ago.


Photo above of Shonichi Yui

Every week I was listening “Aspect in Jazz(アスペクトインジャズ)” by commentary of Shouichi Yui(油井正一) who was a best critic in Japan.

THE theme was “History of jazz”, and that day he commented “The 17th,Swing era previous White men combo”.

After that, Mr.Yui broadcasted a few recordings by Adrian Rollini.


As you know,he was a passionate fan of Bix Beiderbecke and probably I guess Mr.Yui was favorite with Adrian Rollini.

In recent years, we will not hear the name of Adrian.

So I would like to post about his achievement in several times.

Here is Adrian Rollini Trio play “Loch Lomond”.

Here is Shouichi Yui talks “Aspect in Jazz”.


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