Adrian Rollini(4)

December 24. 2016


Photo above of Adrian Rollini from Okmusic

Red Norvo が始めた4本マレット奏法はGary Burtonが確立しました。
Adrian Rollini が4本マレットで演奏している映像を紹介します。

Red Norvo was already playing vibraphone in the late ’20s.

He was one of jazz’s early vibraphonists, known as “Mr. Swing”.

For the first time in jazz history Red used four mallets on vibraphone.


Photo above of Red Norvo and Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus

However Adrian Rollini wasn’t recording on vibraphone until 1938.

I found a rare clip that Adrian Rollini had playing four mallets on vibraphone.

Here is Adrian Rollini Trio play “Dark Eyes”.

The late ’30s, he played in the Hotel President in New York City as leader of his trio and his Tap Room Gang.

He played popular tune for radio program time from Times Square spot.

Also he managed the club inside of the hotel for a short while as well as leading his orchestra.


Photo above of Hotel President 238 West 48th Street New York City :NY postcard 1910s

In 1950s he settled in Florida, occasionally led groups.

Then he turned his attention fully to the hotel business.

Please refer to his recordings.Go here

Here is Adrian Rollini Trio play “Girl With Light Blue Hair”.


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