Adrian Rollini(5)

December 25. 2016


Photo above of Adrian Rollini and Allen Haulon(by William P. Gottlieb from Wikimedia Commons)

Adrian Rollini died May 15, 1956, at the age of 52.

His death for a long time was somewhat of a mystery.

There are two rumors about his death.

He was sent to the hospital following a severe trauma to his ankle in the parking for a traffic accident.

He died after an 18-day stay in the hospital.
(1)The cause of his death is in a traffic accident.

(2) He truly died of mercury poisoning.
Because he had been inserted a glass tube for feeding in his stomach.

The tube was weighted with mercury.So he seemed to come mercury poisoning.

Here is Adrian Rollini Trio play “Jazz Me Blues”.

Here is Adrian Rollini Trio play “Moonglow”.

Here is Adrian Rollini and His Orchestra play “Sweet Madness “(1934).

Here is Adrian Rollini and his Orchestra play “You’ve Got Me Crying Again” (1933).


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