Bunny Berigan plays “I Can’t Get Started”(1)

December 29. 2016

Recently I purchased a significant record,”Bunny Berigan”(CBS SONY SOPL 187).

His masterpiece “I Can’t Get Started” is also included in this record.

I would like to post about the performance of Bunny Berigan.


The song “I Can’t Get Started” was written by Ira Gershwin and Vernon Duke for the musical revue, “the Ziegfeld Follies”.

In those days Bunny Berigan loved the tune and began playing it regularly.

It was first recorded by Red McKenzie and His Rhythm Kings in 1936.


Photo above of Red McKenzie and Bunny Berigan, Eddie Condon at the guiter, Joe Bushkin at the piano

Red Mckenzie took the vocal on “I Can’t Get Started” with Berigan’s accompaniment.

Red Mckenzie sang after Berigan’s trumpet solo performance.

Ten days later, on April 13, Bunny Berigan recorded the number for Vocalion Records.

I can listen this version at “Bunny Berigan”(CBS SONY SOPL 187).

Also he provided the vocal like McKenzie after his trumpet solo performance.

A year and half later, on August 7, 1937, Bunny Berigan and his big band recorded “I Can’t Get Started” again for Victor.

Here is Red McKenzie and His Rhythm Kings play “I Can’t Get Started”.

We can listen to the sample with No 15.G0 here


Here is Bunny Berigan and his Blue Boys  play “I Can’t Get Started”.(1936)

Here is Bunny Berigan and his big band play “I Can’t Get Started”(1937)



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