Stan Getz and Allen Eager on Savoy(2)

January 04.2017


Stan Getz and Allen Eager were born the same year in 1927.

Interestingly there were many things they had in common.

Their first instrument was not a tenor saxophone.

Secondly they were wearing the bad habits at the age of 15.

Stan Getz took smoking cigarettes, and discovered that alcohol helped lower his anxiety.

Allen Eager took heroin for the first time while playing with Woody Herman band.


In 1945 Stan joined Benny Goodman’s band at the age of 18.

In those days Benny’s band was based in a Newark, N.J. nightspot.

Stan regularly went into New York and hung out at the Spotlite Club on 52nd Street to hear Charlie Parker perform.

Also he met Beverly Byrne who was a sister of the then famous vocalist Buddy Stewart.

Finally Teddy Reig noticed Stan and made a contract with him.

So Stan formed a “Swing Bop Quartet” for his gig as a leader.

Happily Stan and Beverly were married on Nov. 7, 1946 in LA.


Here is Stan Getz and Swing Bop Quartet play “And The Angels Swing”.

Here is Allen Eager Quartet play “Booby Hatch”.

Here is Buddy Stewart sings “We’ll Gather Lilacs “ (orchestra directed by Gene Krupa)


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