Stan Getz and Allen Eager on Savoy(3)

January 05.2017

Although Allen Eager left few leader recordings, there have been many huge fans of him.

He first played jazz as a teenager during World War II in the bands of Bobby Sherwood.

In 1943 he auditioned for Woody Herman and traveled to LA with the band.

Despite he couldn’t read very well, Woody Herman hired him.

Because a lot of musicians had been drafted into the army.

Then he went back to New York and started working in the clubs on 52nd.


In March 1946 he made his first record as a leader.

On the day of recording producer Teddy Reig called Bud Powell as a pianist.

Bud Powell was supposed to be the recording studio, but he didn’t show there.

So Teddy was compelled to hire Ed Finckel for pianist.

About Savoy recording, I referred to Allen Eager with Gordon Jack by JazzJournal, November 2003.


Bud Powell and his son  (by Photo Francis Wolff)

Here is Allen Eager plays “Symphony Sid’s Idea (Zadah)”.

Allen Eager (ts), Ed Finckel (p), Bob Carter (b), Max Roach (ds)

Here is Allen Eager Quintet play “And That’s for Sure (1947)”.

Allen Eager (ts), Terry Gibbs (vib), Duke Jordan (p), Curly Russell (b), Max Roach (ds)

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