Fats Navarro on Savoy(1)

January 09.2017


Last week I posted Stan Getz and Allen Eager on Savoy.

This week I want to post about Fats Navarro on Savoy.

After Fats left Billy Eckstine band ,he and Kenny Dorham joined small-group session under the leadership of Kenny Clarke.

Savoy producer Teddy Reig assembled the members for small group session in September 6 1946.


I found an interesting fact in discography.

Kenny Clarke and his 52nd Street Boys had recorded a historical performance on the previous day.(September 5 1946)

I have this recording as “Be Bop Era ” which was released as Japanese Vintage series on Victor.

Photo above of Gil Fuller with Dizzy Gillespie(1963)

Photo above of Gil Fuller with Dizzy Gillespie(1963)

Noteworthy Gil Fuller was included as arranger on both sessions.

Gil Fuller was best known for his work with the Dizzy Gillespie big band.

Four tunes were heard at greater length than an usual recording .

Because these were recorded at double length for release over two sides of a 78 rpm disc.

Here is The Bebop Boys play “Boppin’ A Riff”.

Here is The Bebop Boys play “Fat Boy”.

Here is The Bebop Boys play “Everything’s Cool”

Here is The Bebop Boys play “Webb City”.

Here is Kenny Clarke & His 52nd Street Boys play “Rue Chaptal(as Royal Roost)”.

Fats NavarroはBilly Eckstine のバンドを離れた後、彼とKenny Dorham はKenny Clarkeをリーダーとしたレコーディングに参加しました。プロデューサーはもちろんTeddy Reigでした。
録音日は1946年9月6日でしたが、前日にケニークラークは歴史的な録音をビクターにしていた。日本ではビクターのビンテージ・シリーズ「Be Bop Era」として発売されました。
注目すべきことは、Gil Fullerが両方のセッションでアレンジャーとして参加したことです。Gil Fullerは、Dizzy Gillespieのビッグバンドの編曲者として有名です。



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