Fats Navarro on Savoy(4)

January 13.2017

Photo above of Charlie Rouse and Todd Dameron and Fats Navarro

Fats Navarro and Tadd Dameron cut a second session under his own name for Savoy later in 1947.

They assembled Charlie Rouse and Nelson Boyd and Art Blakey.

Fats made first session with tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse who was one of the earliest recordings of the future Monk sideman.

Fats Navarro played a fine performance of his style at a more deliberate tempo.

The four originals were all credited to Navarro alone.


Particularly “Nostalgia” was his most superb performance.

It was built on the chord progression of ‘Out Of Nowhere’.

He played sweetly lyrical solos using a muted horn.


In later years, Lee Morgan was recording “Nostalgia” on Savoy album ”introducing”.

Please compare to hear the difference between two legend trumpeter’s performance.

Here is Fats Navarro Quintet play “Nostalgia”.

Here is Lee Morgan & Hank Mobley play “Nostalgia”1956

Here is Fats Navarro Quintet play “Be Bop Romp”

Here is Fats Navarro Quintet play “Fats blows”

Here is Fats Navarro Quintet play “Barry’s Bop”



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