The Great Compositions by Tadd Dameron(4)

January 19.2017

Photo above of Mary Lou Williams, Tadd Dameron, and Dizzy Gillespie by OKmusic

Photo above of Mary Lou Williams, Tadd Dameron, and Dizzy Gillespie by OKmusic

I would like to introduce his early two works “Good Bait” and “Ladybird”,were composed by Tadd Cameron in 1939.

He also arranged two tunes for the Billy Eckstine Orchestra.

“Good Bait” had originally been written for Count Basie.


Photo above of Count Basie

Unfortunately his works did not evaluated because his compositions were made for dance band orchestra in those days.

In 1948 Dizzy Gillespie added the setting to his book, playing it frequently.

The Gillespie RCA Victor performance is well-known.


Then Basie began playing it after Gillespie popularized it.

“Ladybird” is one of those great jam session tunes that can give an intermediate player a very good challenge.

It was covered by Dexter Gordon, The Miles Davis/Tadd Dameron Quintet and others.

Recently I read an interesting article about Dameron’s “Ladybird.”


Ted Heath commissioned Tadd Dameron to write arrangements for his band.

Please refer to JazzWax. Go here

Here is Tadd Dameron Sextet at Royal Roost play “Good Bait ”.

Here is Dizzy Gillespie and his Orchestra play “Good Bait (1947 RCA Victor)”.

Here is Miles Davis plays “Good Bait”(1949)

Here is Tadd Dameron Sextet with Fats Navarro play “Lady Bird”(1948)

Here is The Jazz Messengers plays “Lady Bird”(1955)


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