The Great Compositions by Tadd Dameron(5)

January 20.2017


Nat Hentoff died on on Jan. 7 at his home in Manhattan. He was 91.Go here

I will post about “Mating Call” from the consideration of Nat Hentoff.

I referred to JazzWax[August 21, 2007].


Photo above of Nat Hentoff

He wrote a review about “Mating Call” in 1957.

“Why a trumpet wasn’t added remains a mystery”.

Hentoff wished there had been an extra horn on the date, and he mused “a gentler trumpet”.

This recording had been subject to discussion among critics as Ira Gitler points out in the liner notes.


After the death of Clifford Brown in June 1956, Blue Note label was recording more aggressive sound with joining young superior trumpeters such as Lee Morgan and Donald Byrd.

Also Bob Weinstock produced Miles Davis for a marathon recording session at the end of November 1956.


Photo of Miles Davis by Esmond Edwards/

Producer Bob Weinstock had envisioned the date as a quintet session including trumpeter.

However Tadd Dameron had rejected Weinstock’s plan.

I guess Tadd wanted to record without trumpeter.

After all this session was recorded without a trumpet player.

Arranging with one horn alone was marvelous.

Here is Tadd Dameron With John Coltrane play “Mating Call”.

Here is Tadd Dameron With John Coltrane play “Soultrane”.

Here is Tadd Dameron With John Coltrane play “On A Misty Night”.

Here is Tadd Dameron and John Coltrane play “Gnid”.

Here is Tadd Dameron & John Coltrane play ”Super jet”.

Here is Tadd Dameron & John Coltrane play “Romas”.


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