Bobby Hackett(1)

January 23.2017

Photo above of Bobby Hackett

Photo above of Bobby Hackett

Last night I had heard a radio program in Japan.

Someone requested to broadcast “New Orleans” by Bobby Hackett.

I’m fond of Bobby Hackett from long ago.

This week I want to review his brilliant achievement and post his performances.

Bobby Hackett was born January 31, 1915 in Providence, Rhode Island as a family of Irish immigrants.

His father William Hackett was a blacksmith, but Bobby wanted nothing but music for his livelihood.


Photo by Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame Historical Archive

At the age of four, he played recognizable melodies on the piano.

When he was eight years old he studied violin for about eight months.

Professor Kirwin said “I would not teach Bobby any longer because there was nothing left to teach him!”.

Then he was given instruction on the ukulele, the banjo and the guitar by Mr. Joseph Petteruti.

Photo by Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame Historical Archive

Photo by Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame Historical Archive(Bobby Hackett on guitar and Jackie Gleason on bass)

When he was twelve years old, he bought his first horn at a pawnshop for five dollars.

Mr.Petteruti who was leader of a band called The Hawaiian Islanders allowed him to play the cornet on a gig.

Shortly thereafter, Bobby started performing regularly as a guitarist the Port Arthur Chinese Restaurant while he continued to practice the cornet.

Here is Bobby Hackett and Jack Teagarden play “New Orleans”(1955).

Here is Bobby Hackett plays “Struttin’ With Some Barbecue” live at Newport Jazz (Official).


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