Jazz Club in Boston(1)

January 30.2017



Last week I was listening to a radio program hosted by Sadao Watanabe(渡辺貞夫).

He was talking about some memories of Boston.

I heard an interesting story by his broadcast.

This week I want to post about “Sadao’s memories” and “Jazz Club” in Boston.


Photo above of Berklee College of Music

In 1962 he left Japan to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

He had been in Boston for about four years.

So he said “Boston became my second hometown”.

In those days he lived 905 Boylston St, Boston.

Fortunately Jazz club “Stable” was near his apartment.

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

Here is Sadao Watanabe and Modern Jazz All Stars play “Confirmation”.(1957)
渡辺貞夫 Sadao Watanabe (as), 宮沢昭 Akira Miyazawa (ts), 八木正生 Masao Yagi (p), 滝本達郎 Tatsuroh Takimoto (b), 原田寛治 Kanji Harada (ds)

Here is Sadao Watanabe with The Great Jazz Trio play “Confirmation”.(1976)
渡辺貞夫 (as) Hank Jones (p) Ron Carter (b) Tony Williams (ds).



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