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Paquito D’ Rivera(2)

February 28.2017

Photo above of Paquito D'Rivera from aztecatrends.com

Photo above of Paquito D’Rivera from aztecatrends.com

In 1973 He was a founding member and co-director of the innovative musical ensemble Irakere.

The group blended Cuban folkloric elements with indigenous Cuban and West African rhythms.

Irakere became a musical laboratory, where innovations in both Afro-Cuban jazz and Cuban popular dance music were created.

Photo above of Irakere from OKMusic

Photo above of Irakere from OKMusic

So they signed with an American record label.

Together with the band, D’Rivera toured throughout the world and became a top-rated jazz ensemble.

In 1979, the group joined with American jazz and rock performers for a music festival.

Please refer to the terrific article about “Irakere”. Go here  (ここに記事を添付しています)

In 1981, D’Rivera defected from Cuba and moved to the United States.

Dizzy Gillespie and the United Nation Orchestra, Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, June 1988

Dizzy Gillespie and the United Nation Orchestra, Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto, June 1988

In 1988, he joined the United Nation Orchestra with a 15-piece ensemble organized by Dizzy Gillespie.

Dizzy Gillespie showed the fusion of Latin and Caribbean influences with jazz.

I guess Dizzy Gillespie is the master of Paquito D’Rivera.

He has played “I remember Diz” many times.

Here is Paquito D’Rivera plays “I Remember Diz and A Night in Tunisia”.

Here is Paquito D’Rivera plays “I Remember Diz” with The USAF Band.

Here is Paquito DeRivera plays “Bosa Do Brooklyn”.

Paquito D’ Rivera(1)

February 27.2017


Paquito D’Rivera was born June 4, 1948 in Havana,Cuba.

Paquito was a child prodigy.

He started learning music with his father at the age of 5.

His father was a well-known classical saxophonist and conductor in Cuba.

When he was seven he signed on with the legendary company Selmer.

Then he was playing both saxophone and clarinet and performing with the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra at a young age.


D’Rivera also plays with ‘crossover’ artists such as Richard Stoltzman.

He won Grammy-winning jazz and classical saxophonist and clarinetist.


I have an interesting story about his career.

Today is the announcement day of the Academy.

Carlos Santana arrive at the 77th Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre.

Carlos Santana arrive at the 77th Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre.

In 2005, D’Rivera wrote a letter criticizing guitarist Carlos Santana .

Because Santana wore a shirt with a Che Guevara image from a famous graphic poster underneath.

So he cited Guevara’s role in the execution of political dissidents in Cuba ,including his own cousin.

Santana Management’s official response (所属事務所のコメント)
Go here

Here is Paquito D’ Rivera plays “Seresta-Samba for Carmen”

Here is Paquito D’Rivera and Andrei Matorin(violin) play “Tico Tico”.

Here is Yo yo ma and Paquito D’ Rivera play “Doce de coco”.

Here is Antonio Banderas & Carlos Santana Academy awards (2005)

Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(5)

February 25.2017


Mika Yoshida has been performing actively with the duo “The Stotlzmans on Clarinet and Marimba” with Richard Stoltzman.

They have been performing globally in New York, Boston, Austin, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Last year, they recorded a duo album with producer Stephen Epstein, and a performance DVD.

Producer Steven Epstein won a 17-time Grammy award.

Also they are launching  “Kickstarter Campaign” for producing new Marimba and Clarinet DUO album. Go here

Here is Mika Stoltzman talks  ”Marimba Journey” (日本語字幕).

Here is Richard Stoltzman plays “Bach Goldberg Variations”.

Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(4)

February 24.2017


Mika Stoltzman was born in 1964 ,in Amakusa Island, Kumamoto, Japan.

At the age of 27 she woke up as musician by meeting with the world famous percussionist Stomp Yamash’ta(ツトム・ヤマシタ) .


When she was  30 year old she went abroad for study in New York.

So she met the global percussion ensemble group “NEXUS”.


Photo by nexuspercussion.com/

Mika has devoted herself to marimba performance and musical studies under the strong influence of the “NEXUS.”

She is also studying Jazz privately with jazz vibe master, Mike Mainieri, in New York.


Photo above of Mike Mainieri

Her first recording “Mikarimba” (2010) was produced by drummer Steve Gadd and features bassist Eddie Gomez.

In August, 2011, She held recitals at Blue Note Jazz clubs throughout Japan with her group, MIKARIMBA.

In 2012, she performed with Richard Stoltzman, Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez and Mike Mainieri (vibraphone).

Mika and MIKARIMBA  made her second album, “If You Believe,”.

She assembled the members for her recording,Richard Stoltzman, Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez, John Tropea (guitar), Duke Gadd, and the Harlem String Quartet.


Photo above of Mika and Richard Stoltzman and Yousui Inoue(井上陽水)://www.mikarimba-stoltzman.net/

Here is MIKA Marimba play “Jubilation”.

Here is MIKA Marimba play “Take The A Train”.

Here is Mikarimba Japan Tour 2014 play “Marika Groove”.

Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(3)

February 23.2017


Richard Stoltzman has made an effort to play new music for the clarinet.

Toru Takemitsu had composed the “Fantazuma / Cantos” for Stoltzman.

Toru Takemitsu (武満 徹) was a Japanese composer and writer on aesthetics and music theory.


I found an interesting clip.

Takemitsu was acclaiming about Stoltzman in the first part of the video(日本語です).

In addition Stolzman and Takemistu had a conversation at the end of the portion of the video.

I think their conversation is invaluable.


Also Richard Stoltzman has performed with pop artists like Chick Corea, Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez, Mel Tormé and Judy Collins.

Stoltzman is noted for his double lip embouchure, wide vibrato, and ability to mimic the sound of a human voice on the clarinet.

下記解説はSony Music Shopから引用しました。

Here is Toru Takemitsu’s work “Fantasma/Cantos”.

Here is Richard Stoltzman advertise his first concert in New York City, on January 14, 2012.

Here is Richard Stoltzman and Kenichi Tsunoda Big Band play “Fascinating Rhythm”.

Here is Richard Stoltzman play “Clarinet Concerto” by Aaron Copland
Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor and London Symphony Orchestra


Photo above of Richard Stoltzman and Yousui Inoue(井上陽水)  from Mika Stoltzmanのブログ http://www.mikarimba-stoltzman.net/

Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(2)

February 22.2017


Richard Stoltzman was born July 12, 1942 in Omaha, Nebraska.

He began studying the clarinet at the age of 8 with a teacher at a local school.

When Stoltzman was in junior high school, he began developing the jazz techniques of improvisation and enjoyed jamming with his father at home.

Benny Goodman was his earliest musical mentor, and remained a strong influence throughout his career.


He talks about memories of Benny Goodman at his own website.Go here

Stoltzman studied mathematics and music at Ohio State University.

Then he studied with Professor Keith Wilson at the Yale School of Music.

Photo above of Richard Stoltzman with his teacher Keith Wilson 

Photo above of Richard Stoltzman with his teacher Keith Wilson

He made his New York debut in 1974, and was the first clarinetist to ever give a solo recital in New York’s Carnegie Hall.

In his career he has frequently played and recorded both jazz and classical music.

He combines traditional and contemporary classical and jazz material with his own unorthodox style.

He won Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music Performance.

Here is Richard Stoltzman said his Profile.

Here is Richard Stoltzman and Friends, “Bill Douglas, and Eddie Gomez.”.

Here is Mel Torme & Richard Stoltzman play “Benny Goodman Tribute”.

Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(1)

February 21.2017


Last week I joined Osaka jazz club (大阪ジャズ同好会) in Osaka.

Mr.Hori introduced some rare clarinetists at his program.

I heard a superb clarinet player Richard Stoltzman.


After returning my home I looked into his background.

Richard Stoltzman is among the world’s leading clarinetists.

Also he is known for his wide classical repertory and for an interest in world, jazz, and popular music.

In private life he married a Japanese musician.

Her name is Mika Yoshida who is playing Marimba.

This week I want to post about Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida.

Here is Richard Stoltzman plays “Amazing grace”.

Here is Judy Collins & Richard Stoltzman play “Deep Peace”.

Here is  Mika and Richard Stoltzman plays Bill Douglas’s Irish Spirit for Clarinet and Marimba