Jazz Club in Boston(3)

February 01.2017


Sadao(渡辺貞夫) lived near the Stable, where Charlie Mariano and Herb Pomeroy started a music school and played jam sessions.

I want to write below about “the Stable”.

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

Photo above of 1961 newspaper(at the Stable) by troystreet.com

In the early 1950s Charlie Mariano suggested to Varty Haroutunian, Herb Pomeroy, and Ray Santisi that they start a school, a workshop, to offer classes and private lessons, and host jam sessions.

They gradually were teaching activity at the Stable, and the musicians kept “Jazz Workshop” as the unofficial club name.

Then the small group grew to a sextet and eventually was playing four nights a week.


Also Pomeroy’s big band started working one night a week in late 1955.

The Stable was an exciting place with enthusiastic listeners.

Everynight Sadao Watanabe went to the Stable ,because his teacher Herb Pomeroy played at the Stable.

On a broadcasting he said Herb’s memory:”When Herb played with Charlie Parker, that night Herb could not sleep with excitement ”.

Here is Jazz Workshop Quintet with Herb Pomeroy play “Moten Swing”.(1955)
Herb Pomeroy(tp),Varty Haroutunian(ts), Ray Santisi(p),John Neves(b),Jimmy Zitano(ds)

Here is Charlie Mariano Boston All Stars play “I’m Old Fashioned”(1953).
Charlie Mariano(as), Herb Pomeroy(tp), Dick Twardzik(p), Bernie Griggs(b),Jimmy Weiner(ds)

Here is Herb Pomeroy and his Orchestra play “Lush Life”(1958)



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