Jazz Club in Boston(4)

February 02.2017

Photo above of "Paul's Mall" byThe Music Museum of New England

Photo above of “Paul’s Mall” byThe Music Museum of New England

Stable owner Harold Buchalter found a new spot for his club, downstairs at 733 Boylston Street.

The new club was names “the Jazz Workshop”,where was a few blocks east of the Berklee school.

Jazz Workshop was the name of one of the most important ensembles at Berklee.

Berklee students were encouraged to know about scales and learn to follow chord changes and others.


Photo above of Serge Chaloff by JazzWax

The Jazz Workshop attracted students. Others on the staff included Jaki Byard, Serge Chaloff, Jimmy Woode, and Jake Hanna.

Lessons cost the student a dollar, half going to the instructor and half to the school.

The sister club next to the Jazz Workshop was “Paul’s Mall”.



From The Music Museum of New England

Sadao(渡辺貞夫) frequented in “Paul’s Mall”.

There was a connection between the club and the school.

In addition Berklee students with school ID were allowed to attend performances.

Even though the drinking age in Massachusetts was 21 at the time,the club allowed underaged Berklee students to sit along the north wall of the room and order soft drinks.

Here is Milt Jackson and Ray Santisi Trio at The Jazz Workshop(1975)
Milt Jackson(vib),Ray Santisi(p),Mike Richmond(b),Randy Jones(ds)
It was recorded “Ryles Jazz Club”

Here is Brecker Brothers Band at Paul’s Mall.(1977)



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