The Jazz Workshop(1)

February 06.2017


Last week I posted about Jazz Workshop in early 1950s, in Boston.

Also I posted about RCA Jazz Workshop recording series in the past.

Go here and herehere  and here

This week I would like to post about about other Jazz Workshops with naming like Jazz Workshop.

Charlie Mingus often worked with a mid-sized ensemble (around 8–10 members) of rotating musicians known as the Jazz Workshop.


In 1959 Mingus and the Jazz Workshop musicians recorded one of his best-known albums, “Mingus Ah Um”.

This album included a famous “Fables of Faubus”.

Then it was recorded on “Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus” for the Candid label produced by Nat Hentoff in 1960.


Mingus’s great theme was freedom.

Ultimately the Jazz Workshop aimed “Organized chaos”.「組織化された混沌」

They held a total of five concerts,“The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-65 (Town Hall, Amsterdam, Monterey ’64, Monterey ’65 & Minneapolis”.

Photo above of Sue Mingus from New York

Photo above of Sue Mingus from New York

Mosaic’s Michael Cuscuna was offered unreleased Mingus tapes in her archives
by Sue Mingus who was Charles Mingus’s widow.

I referred to JazzWax [December 03, 2012].

Fortunately this set is on backorder and is expected to be available.Go here

Here is Charles Mingus plays ”Fables of Faubus” from “Mingus Ah Um”.(1959)

Here is Charles Mingus plays “Purple Heart”(Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-65)

Here is Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop play “Close”.
Ted Curson (tp); Eric Dolphy (as); Booker Ervin (ts); Charles Mingus (b); Dannie Richmond (ds); Bud Powell (p). France, 13 July 1960


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