The Jazz Workshop(3)

February 08.2017


The NDR is an abbreviation for Norddeutscher Rundfunk.(北ドイツ放送局の略称)

The NDR Jazz Workshop was held as jazz event from 1958.


In the 1950s Hans Koller had worked in the SWF Baden-Baden Radio Orchestra.

Then he became the musical director of Hamburg’s NDR Jazz Workshop.

Despite in those days Europe had been in the Cold War,NDR invited many jazz musicians from United States and Communist countries and others each year.

NDR left many grandiose sound tracks.

More than 2000 concerts and studio recordings from the last 60 years are resting well protected in our Jazz archive.

Some of these have been released since 1987.

NDR music director Hans Gertberg from Jazzrealities

NDR music director Hans Gertberg from Jazzrealities

I will introduce a terrific discography about NDR Jazz Workshops.

“NDR Jazz Workshops – start of listing” by Jazzrealities. Go here

Wes Montgomery recorded 17 tunes with NDR in April 30, 1965.

Fortunately we can look some part of his incredible works on YouTube.

Here is Wes Montgomery plays “Blue Grass” ,“On Green Dolphin Street” ,“Blue monk “,
“Last Of The Wine”,West Cast Blues “ Hamburg; NDR Jazz workshop(April 30,1965)
Wes Montgomery(g); Hans Koller(as,ts),Johnny Griffin(ts); Johnny Scott(ts);Ronnie Ross(bs); Martial Solal(p);Michel Gaudry(b);Ronnie Stephenson(ds)

Here is Weather Report live in Berlin:NDR Jazz Workshop(1971)

Here is Jimmy Owens plays “Present and future”:NDR Jazz Workshop(1968)

Here is John Surman plays “Flashpoint”:NDR Jazz Workshop (1969)


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