The Jazz Workshop(8)

February 15.2017


Photo above of Masabumi Kikuchi from JazzTokyo

Photo above of the Flyer(SJ Jazz Workshop-3) courtesy of 十和堂(

Photo above of the Flyer(SJ Jazz Workshop-3) courtesy of 十和堂(

Sadao Watanabe talked about Masabumi Kikuchi(菊地雅章) in last week’s radio broadcast.

“When I returned to Japan from Berklee College of Music,Kikuchi was the earliest appeared in front of me.
He begged for me to teach about Berklee’s theory.
He was quick to understand and no musician with an excellent sense of harmony than Kikuchi.”

Sadly, two year ago Masabumi Kikuchi passed away in New York, aged 75.

Please refer to Masabumi Kikuchi(菊地雅章). Go here

Photo above of Gary Peacock by

Photo above of Gary Peacock by

I quoted R.I.P.: Masabumi “Poo” Kikuchi (1939-2015) from JazzTokyo.

Gary Peacock ● A constant source of inspiration for me

I too was saddened to hear of Poo’s demise…a fate we all must ultimately encounter.As you know, it was through Poo that I was able to record two albums for Sony records while living in Japan.Poo’s spirit of musical adventure and strong commitment to discovering his ‘sound’ remains a constant source of inspiration for me. His last recordings with guitar and bass are true evidence that he DID discover his ‘voice’.I will miss him but I will not miss his spirit which is with me 24/7.


Here is the montage of Masabumi Kikuchi(菊地雅章)”Out of Bounds”.

Here is Masabumi Kikuchi plays “Freedom Jazz Dance”.

Here is Gary Peacock plays “梵鐘 Bonsho”.


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