The Jazz Workshop(9)

February 16.2017


以下の文章は「World Air Current」から引用抜粋しました。(2007/08/13 J-WAVEから放送)

SJ Jazz Workshopの最終回ではニューポート・ジャズ・フェスティバル「1966年と1970年」が上映されました。このフィルムにはジョン・コルトレーンの演奏が撮影されていました。中平氏は日本で初めての海外ジャズツアーに参加し貴重な演奏を撮影することが出来ました。帰国後、中平氏はジャズ喫茶 “Dig”で貴重な映像をファンに公開しました。

第14回 即興と衝突
1971年7月3日 AM0:00 銀座ヤマハホール
第1部 菊地雅章クインテット
第2部 菊地雅章+山本邦山+村上寛+ゲーリー・ピーコック 「銀界」の再
第3部 中平穂積撮影 66年70年ニューポートジャズフェステイバル実況フイルムの上映

SJ Jazz Workshop ended with the 14th ”Improvisation and Collision”.

It was held July 3,1971.

Kikuchi(菊地雅章) and his members played Part 1 and 2 on the day.

I want post about the third part of last workshop.


The third part had been presented “Newport Film” by Hozumi Nakadaira(中平穂積) .

Mr.Nakadaira had photographed the Newport Jazz Festival”1966 and 1970”.

The 1966 festival was John Coltrane’s last performance.

A travel agency was recruiting a tour of the Newport Jazz Festival in 1966.

He wanted to see John Coltrane by all means.

In those days Japanese could not go abroad.

So he decided to join the tour.

Unfortunately the tour partícipant was only three people including him.

The remaining two people were Osamu Uchida(内田修) and Iori Noguchi(野口伊織).

He photographed John Coltrane’s performance by 8-mm color film.

Also he shot Kenny Burrel and Dexter Gordon and others.

After returning he was frequently showing his invaluable film at Jazz Cafe “Dig”.

Interesting he provided “Live at the Village Vanguard” as background music because it was “unvoiced film”.


Then owners of jazz cafes all over the country wanted to see his valuable films.

They said they wanted him to lend the film.

However there was no reproduction of film at that time.

So he carried his machine and was showing his film from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Here is John Coltrane footage at Newport 1966.


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