Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(1)

February 21.2017


Last week I joined Osaka jazz club (大阪ジャズ同好会) in Osaka.

Mr.Hori introduced some rare clarinetists at his program.

I heard a superb clarinet player Richard Stoltzman.


After returning my home I looked into his background.

Richard Stoltzman is among the world’s leading clarinetists.

Also he is known for his wide classical repertory and for an interest in world, jazz, and popular music.

In private life he married a Japanese musician.

Her name is Mika Yoshida who is playing Marimba.

This week I want to post about Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida.

Here is Richard Stoltzman plays “Amazing grace”.

Here is Judy Collins & Richard Stoltzman play “Deep Peace”.

Here is  Mika and Richard Stoltzman plays Bill Douglas’s Irish Spirit for Clarinet and Marimba


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