Richard Stoltzman and Mika Yoshida(4)

February 24.2017


Mika Stoltzman was born in 1964 ,in Amakusa Island, Kumamoto, Japan.

At the age of 27 she woke up as musician by meeting with the world famous percussionist Stomp Yamash’ta(ツトム・ヤマシタ) .


When she was  30 year old she went abroad for study in New York.

So she met the global percussion ensemble group “NEXUS”.


Photo by

Mika has devoted herself to marimba performance and musical studies under the strong influence of the “NEXUS.”

She is also studying Jazz privately with jazz vibe master, Mike Mainieri, in New York.


Photo above of Mike Mainieri

Her first recording “Mikarimba” (2010) was produced by drummer Steve Gadd and features bassist Eddie Gomez.

In August, 2011, She held recitals at Blue Note Jazz clubs throughout Japan with her group, MIKARIMBA.

In 2012, she performed with Richard Stoltzman, Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez and Mike Mainieri (vibraphone).

Mika and MIKARIMBA  made her second album, “If You Believe,”.

She assembled the members for her recording,Richard Stoltzman, Steve Gadd, Eddie Gomez, John Tropea (guitar), Duke Gadd, and the Harlem String Quartet.


Photo above of Mika and Richard Stoltzman and Yousui Inoue(井上陽水)://

Here is MIKA Marimba play “Jubilation”.

Here is MIKA Marimba play “Take The A Train”.

Here is Mikarimba Japan Tour 2014 play “Marika Groove”.


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