Paquito D’ Rivera(1)

February 27.2017


Paquito D’Rivera was born June 4, 1948 in Havana,Cuba.

Paquito was a child prodigy.

He started learning music with his father at the age of 5.

His father was a well-known classical saxophonist and conductor in Cuba.

When he was seven he signed on with the legendary company Selmer.

Then he was playing both saxophone and clarinet and performing with the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra at a young age.


D’Rivera also plays with ‘crossover’ artists such as Richard Stoltzman.

He won Grammy-winning jazz and classical saxophonist and clarinetist.


I have an interesting story about his career.

Today is the announcement day of the Academy.

Carlos Santana arrive at the 77th Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre.

Carlos Santana arrive at the 77th Annual Academy Awards® at the Kodak Theatre.

In 2005, D’Rivera wrote a letter criticizing guitarist Carlos Santana .

Because Santana wore a shirt with a Che Guevara image from a famous graphic poster underneath.

So he cited Guevara’s role in the execution of political dissidents in Cuba ,including his own cousin.

Santana Management’s official response (所属事務所のコメント)
Go here

Here is Paquito D’ Rivera plays “Seresta-Samba for Carmen”

Here is Paquito D’Rivera and Andrei Matorin(violin) play “Tico Tico”.

Here is Yo yo ma and Paquito D’ Rivera play “Doce de coco”.

Here is Antonio Banderas & Carlos Santana Academy awards (2005)


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