Paquito D’Rivera(5)

March 03.2017

Paquito D’Rivera is celebrated for his artistry in Latin jazz as well as his achievements as a classical composer and performer.

When he left Cuba and eventually took up residence in New York in 1982, thus becoming a “free” man.

Fortunately he has enabled superb music by benefit of this freedom.

Paquito’s enthusiasm and energy are exemplified in his music.

Paquito d'Rivera & ONJL 16.09.2009 Echternach Trifolion

Photo above of Paquito d’Rivera

I will quote the sentence that has been described at the end of his website biography.

The National Endowment for the Arts website affirms “he has become the consummate multinational ambassador, creating and promoting a cross-culture of music that moves effortlessly among jazz, Latin, and Mozart.”


Here is Paquito D’Rivera plays “La Bella Cubana”.
(音量が低いです・YouTube volume is low)

Here is Paquito d’Rivera and The United Nation Orchestra play “I Remember Diz” (1993)

Here is Paquito D’Rivera with his group play “Panamericana” at Newport Jazz.


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