Eiji Kitamura(1)

March 06.2017


Photo above of Eiji Kitamura from Official website.

I’ve posted about a superb clarinetist in the recent two weeks.

I will post about Eiji Kitamura who is a clarinet player comparable to Richard Stoltzman and Paquito D’Rivera this week.

Eiji Kitamura (北村 英治) was born April 8, 1929 in Tokyo.


Photo above by Wikipedia

Today (March 6th) he is playing on Nippon Maru(にっぽん丸).


「春の味覚クルーズ ~阿波・串本〜」

Next month, the memorial concert will be held for celebrating his 88th birthday in Osaka.


Photo above from Official website

Here is Eiji Kitamura(北村英治) with Tadao Kitano(北野タダオ) & Arrow Jazz Orchestra play “Memories of you”.

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