Eiji Kitamura(4)

March 09.2017

Photo above of Eiji Kitamura and Buddy DeFranco by 北村英治 Official website(from Eiji Kitamura Gallery)

Buddy DeFrancoからの言葉を週刊朝日(2016年5月20日号)から引用致しました。Go here


Eiji kitamura became one of Japan’s most internationally-recognised musical figures.

He is still an active performer touring Japan with his band and frequently appearing abroad.

Finally I want to summarize the speaking of Buddy DeFranco with Eiji Kitamura.

When Buddy came to Japan as leader of Glenn Miller Orchestra,

Eiji Kitamura visited a dressing room in Buddy and played clarinet in front of Buddy.

In those days he always listened to the record of Buddy DeFranco.

Proudly he played like Buddy Defranco’s records.

Then Buddy said:

“You took a good playing. Are you an amateur or a professional? “

Eiji answered “I am professional musician”.

Consequently he got angry at once.

“It is embarrassing for professional musician to imitate me.

You should have your own distinctive.

Unless you have your own style, you are not a professional musician.

Do not imitate my performance.

You should play with your own style.”

So he ceased to play bebop jazz and returned to swing jazz style.

Here is Buddy DeFranco plays “Yesterdays”.
with Les Brown and his Band of Renown “Aurex Jazz Festival”.

Here is Eiji Kitamura plays “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise”.

Here is Eiji Kitamura plays “Memories of You”.

Here is Eiji Kitamura plays .



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