Dave Bass(1)

March 14.2017

Photo above of Dave Bass by courtesy of Capital Public Radio

Recently I have interest in Dave Bass who is an American jazz pianist, composer, arranger, and lyricist.

Because his background is very interesting.

He has released two albums: Gone (2010) and NYC Sessions (2015).

This week I want to post Dave Bass and his fellows.

Dave Bass was born June 21, 1950 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dave Bass began piano lessons at age seven, and shortly after graduating high school he was accepted into Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

Then he took lessons from the legendary Madame Margaret Chaloff who was the mother of Serge Chaloff.

Madame Margaret educated other young, immensely talented jazz artists as Keith Jarrett, Steve Kuhn.

Photo above of Keith Jarrett from Pinterst

Photo above of Steve Kuhn(in high school, 1955) from jazztimes .com

While in Boston, he also studied composition with George Russell.

Also he had toured as Brenda Lee’s pianist.

In 1974 they landed Caribbean, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Then he relocated to San Francisco.

Here is Dave Bass with Phil Woods & Conrad Herwig

Here is DAVE BASS and Karrin Allyson (vo) play “Endless Waltz” (Live at Kitano – NYC)

Here is Brenda Lee sings “Lover, Come Back to Me”.



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