Dave Bass(2)

March 15.2017

Photo above of Dave Bass by courtesy of All About Jazz

Then Dave Bass relocated to San Francisco.

During the ’70s and early ’80s, in the Bay Area,Dave worked as a full time musician in the Bay Area.

In those days he worked with  jazz greats Bobby McFerrin and Eddie Henderson.

Photo from Bobby McFerrin’s website

Photo above of Eddie Henderson by courtesy of NPR

One day it occurred a sudden misfortune for jazz musician.

On his way to a gig in Orange County, he slipped on an oil slick in a parking lot and broke his wrist.

His doctors told that there was no guarantee that he would be able to play again.

So he decided to take up law because he support his family.

He enrolled at UCLA law school and became a practicing lawyer.

In 1996, he accepted a position as a Deputy Attorney General with the California.

He eventually joined the Civil Rights Enforcement, where he was honored with the 2009 Attorney General’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Here is Dave Bass plays “Tango Adagio” (Live at Kitano – NYC).

Here is Dave Bass QUINTET play “Another Ending (Live)”.

Here is Dave Bass with Ignacio Berroa play “DARK EYES”.



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